Giant Mandurah is proud to bring the Studio19 Rentals advantage to you to help get you on your next bike sooner.

Are you new to cycling and worried about making a large investment on something you may not continue?

Are you unsure about which bike suits your current riding style?

Do you want to always be riding the latest technology?

Would you love to try many different types of bikes but like most of us your bank balance won’t allow it?

Do you have a particular bucket list event coming up that requires a type of bike you won’t have a use for after?

These and many other reasons make Studio19 Rentals perfect for you!

  • With Giant Mandurah & Studio19 Rentals you can rent your dream bike on a low weekly repayment
  • After the minimum rental period you can:
    • Return you bike at any time after the minimum rental period.
    • Return your bike and pick out a new bike.
    • Continue renting for up to 36 months
    • Apply to purchase your bike anytime from day 1 of your rental.

Bike rentals start from $27.69 per week

Trainer rentals from $16.62 per week

Want to know more? Get in contact with us or check out the FAQ here.